Since 1993

Unforgettable Blues/Rock

Listening to Muso is an experience. When they are in full flow they are simply intoxicating. Very seldom do you get to experience a band that delivers the way Muso does. Soaring guitars and dark vocals underpin the Muso sound, a very unique and memorable band that you'll want to see again and again. If you love guitar-based music you will love Muso, so catch them in full flow and "live the music" with them, you won't regret it. Be aware that the Muso sound will stay forever in your memory.


We are out in Aylesbury on a Saturday night, headed to see a band that had been recommended to us. As we walk across the town square we are stopped in our tracks by some of the sweetest sounds we’ve heard in a long time. We peer into the doorway of The Green Man, and inside we see two blokes playing guitar, and it sounds incredibly beautiful. We decide to pop in for a few minutes and a quick listen, drawn in by this sweet music.

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